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'As inventive and unsettling as a
one-man League of Gentlemen.'


‘Evans is clever, creative and funny. Absolutely the best Noam Chomsky material ever’     

The Scotsman

‘An alternative tour de force’ 


'Follow him down his dark path. You really should.'

The Skinny

'Twisted genius.' 

WOW 24/7

‘As a comedian, his skills are undeniable'

The Wee Review



Escape The North is the world's only interactive North of England simulator.

You and two of your mates enter an RPG where the characters are all played by comedians. 

Your nan's boiler's broker and you've got to explore the city to get enough people together to afford the taxi to her place. Take too long and nan's going to freeze.

Every Friday, 7.30pm.

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Mandatory Redistribution Party

Mandotory Redistribution Party Logo (1).

Mandatory Redistribution Party is the radical left comedy podcast Jack created with Sean Morley.

Intentionally unlike the toothless, bootlicking durge that passes for 'political comedy' pumped out elsewhere, Mandos is about big ideas rather than taking pot shots at whatever dead eyed suit fronts the news cycle each week. It also manages to resist the tempting path of the irony poisoned dirtbag left. Seems to work; we know for a fact its radicalised at least two Lib Dems.

"A hilarious rallying cry for the many that feel left behind by capitalism and neo-liberalism, Mando Party is hilarious, subversive and enlightening in equal measures." - Manchester Wire

Stream 50+ episodes right now:​

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The ongoing Minecraft let's play from Peter Sutton (Fred) & Jack Evans (Donald).

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"Workers of the world: please stop!


Jack Evans, lizard prince of Manchester's alternative circuit, presents a punchy, out-there hour about work: its history, its present and a future without it."

^That's the original blurb for Jack's show WORK.

Off the back of his surrealistic debut show Melancholy Poontang, Jack challenged himself to write a straight stand up show with no props, no characters and no tech except lights and a mic. He also made it a structural critque of work under capitalism. Did it work?

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"Amy Gledhill and Chris Cantrill of The Delightful Sausage have enlisted the help of Jack Evans from Mandatory Redistribution Party to make something truly aurally bizarre." - Manchester Wire

Jack is honoured to edit, score and produce Tiredness Kills, the podcast from northern alt. comedy geniuses The Delightful Sausage. A tight, surreal experiment in testing your Dad's patience as funny as it is gross (very).

Check it out:

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